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First off, as always, I hope everyone has been doing well as of late. I know I've kind of just fallen into the dark with... well, everything, but I've been working on a lot of things within myself really. It's been about three years that I've been without depression medication; because of my own choice. At the time, I had something to distract me, and it did it very well. But as of late it's gotten more and more overwhelming, and so I've stopped doing a lot of the things that I used to do. I know the medication did help me a little, but I still didn't feel right. I'd rather not ever be on medication, but I know it also isn't a bad thing. It does help people, and I'm glad that it does. But this journal isn't going to be about my hardships or what I want people to do for me or what I think of "the system". This journal was made because of a request due to a choice I've recently made.  So far, I don't regret this choice one bit~ 

As of the seventh, I became the pet of RaziiraoftheDesert. She is my mistress, and requested that I make it known to all of you via a journal entry. To be truthful, I planned on doing so eventually... but it wasn't going to be so soon, and a request from a mistress is dealt with sooner than later, and I do adore making my mistress happy~ I've known her for... I honestly can't say when... But we connected quite quickly, and over time I gained her trust. I gained it to the point that even though she had a very large distrust of men she had never met in person, she wanted to room with me at Further Confusion 2014. Needless to say, she was pleasantly surprised when I actually turned out to be who I portrayed myself as online through our conversations. So the convention went fantastic, and from there we started planning for next year. Over that time, she's been through a lot, and I've done everything within my power to help her. Only until recently, she noticed that it actually made her happy when I was willing to do what I could to help... And she wanted it to take it to the next level of trust~ 

It was probably a little obvious that I would get into a relationship like this at one point or another, as it does come with some of the things I enjoy. I've never had a mistress before, nor have I ever looked around to find one. She came forward to me, and I gave it a good long thought. After thinking about it, I feel that with some of her guidance, and some of her rules, I can make myself a better person finally. I have a lot of problems, some of them more major than most may know. She knows of them, and she's told me she plans to help me with them, as they made her worry from time to time. So I hope with becoming her pet, we can work on some of those problems~ 

No, I may have used the word "Relationship" above, but I am, in fact, still single. I'm still allowed to look for someone to become my partner, and at that point if my partner isn't ok with me having her as a mistress, she and I become friends again. 

So what does this mean for the lot of you? Well, it means that if I get commissions again as frequent as I used to, some of them will be of her and I together in them. This doesn't change my interactions with others, nor does it effect my finances. We were very  thorough when going over what rules would be put in place, and those were within those guide lines. She may get me to become more active again, but then again, there may only be the occasional journal here or there, detailing things that have happened over the time. Over all, I'm thinking that this choice may actually lead to something better in my life. 

So, my mistress, my beloved mistress, I hope this was to your satisfaction~ And for everyone else, I hope I've ether scared you off by now, or enlightened you on how my future is becoming~ XP 

Have a good one, everyone, and like I said in the start: I hope you're all doing well~! 

-Lance Bones


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